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International Agrophysics
publisher:Institute of Agrophysics
Polish Academy of Sciences
Lublin, Poland
ISSN: 0236-8722

vol. 16, nr. 2 (2002)

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1. Abu-Khalaf N., Bennedsen B.S.:
Plum-tasting using near infra-red (NIR) technology
vol. 16, nr. 2 (2002), pp. 83-89

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2. Achremowicz B., Gruszecka D., Kornarzyński K., Kulpa D., Pietruszewski S.:
Vigour variability in hybrid kernels of triticale with Aegilops under the influence of biostimulation
vol. 16, nr. 2 (2002), pp. 91-96

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3. Gnatowski T., Szatyłowicz J., Brandyk T.:
Effect of peat decomposition on the capillary rise in peat-moorsh soils
vol. 16, nr. 2 (2002), pp. 97-102

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4. Hajnos M., Bowanko G., Józefaciuk G., Głowacki R.:
Effect of solid phase wettability on water transport and retention in peat enriched soil affected by freezing/thawing
vol. 16, nr. 2 (2002), pp. 103-109

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5. Józefaciuk G., Hajnos M., Muranyi A.:
Influence of a cyclodextrin on soil wettability
vol. 16, nr. 2 (2002), pp. 111-118

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6. Konstankiewicz K., Czachor H., Gancarz M., Król A., Pawlak K., Zdunek A.:
Cell structural parameters of potato tuber tissue
vol. 16, nr. 2 (2002), pp. 119-127

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7. Kuźniar P., Sosnowski S.:
Relation between the bean pod shape factor and the force required for pod opening
vol. 16, nr. 2 (2002), pp. 129-132

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8. Matyka-Sarzyńska D., Sokołowska Z.:
Investigation of iron status in Terric Histosols
vol. 16, nr. 2 (2002), pp. 133-137

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9. Paltineanu Cr., Mihailescu I.F., Torica V., Albu A.N.:
Correlation between sunshine duration and global solar radiation in south-eastern Romania
vol. 16, nr. 2 (2002), pp. 139-145

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10. Truchliński1 J., Koper R., Starczynowska R.:
Influence of pre-sowing red light radiation and nitragine dressing of chickling vetch seeds on the chemical composition of their yield
vol. 16, nr. 2 (2002), pp. 147-150

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11. Walczak R., Ostrowski J., Witkowska-Walczak B., Sławiński C.:
Spatial characteristic of hydro-physical properties in arable mineral soils in Poland as illustrated by field water capacity (FWC)
vol. 16, nr. 2 (2002), pp. 151-159

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12. Walczak R., Rovdan E., Witkowska-Walczak B.:
Water retention characteristics of peat and sand mixtures
vol. 16, nr. 2 (2002), pp. 161-165

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13. Grochowicz J., Zawiślak K.:
Changes in strength characteristics of heat-treated wheat grain (communication)
vol. 16, nr. 2 (2002), pp. 167-170