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International Agrophysics
wydawca:Instytut Agrofizyki
im. B. Dobrzańskiego
w Lublinie
ISSN: 0236-8722

vol. 19, nr. 4 (2005)

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1. O.O. Ajibola, N.A. Aviara, V.K. Abodunrin:
Moisture sorption equilibrium and thermodynamic properties of palm kernel
vol. 19, nr. 4 (2005), pp. 273-283

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2. M. Bojanowska:
Studies on platinum (IV) ions sorption in loess and loamy soils
vol. 19, nr. 4 (2005), pp. 285-291

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3. Tao Fei, Zhang Min, Jincai Sun:
Preservation of mushroom in storage after vacuum cooling treatment
vol. 19, nr. 4 (2005), pp. 293-297

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4. S. Jeżowski, M. Surma, T. Adamski, P. Krajewski, K. Głowacka:
Genetic analysis of morphological and physical stem characteristics determining lodging resistance in two- and six-rowed barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) lines
vol. 19, nr. 4 (2005), pp. 299-303

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5. J. Khazaei, D.D. Mann:
Effects of moisture content and number of loadings on force relaxation behaviour of chickpea kernels
vol. 19, nr. 4 (2005), pp. 305-313

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6. E. Kuczynska, Y. Pachepsky, S.A. Rouhi, D.R. Shelton:
Transport of manure-borne Cryptosporidium parvum oocysts through saturated and unsaturated soil columns
vol. 19, nr. 4 (2005), pp. 315-322

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7. D. Matyka-Sarzyńska, Z. Sokołowska:
Empirical equation to describe the effect of pH on organic matter release from mucks
vol. 19, nr. 4 (2005), pp. 323-328

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8. V.M. Salokhe, P. Soni, H.J. Tantau:
Spatial variability of air-humidity inside naturally ventilated tropical greenhouse
vol. 19, nr. 4 (2005), pp. 329-336

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9. G. Sokolov, I. Michael, N. Bambalov:
Influence of different organic materials on physical properties of desert and cultivated soils
vol. 19, nr. 4 (2005), pp. 337-343

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10. S. Tarkiewicz, A. Nosalewicz:
Effect of organic carbon content on the compactibility and penetration resistance of two soils formed from loess
vol. 19, nr. 4 (2005), pp. 345-350

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