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International Agrophysics
publisher:Institute of Agrophysics
Polish Academy of Sciences
Lublin, Poland
ISSN: 0236-8722

vol. 19, nr. 2 (2005)

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Thermal fields in grain during storage – their sources and effects on silo structure reliability
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A. Łapko
Białystok Technical University, Wiejska 45, 15-351 Białystok, Poland

vol. 19 (2005), nr. 2, pp. 141-146
abstract Particulate organic materials stored in silos are influenced significantly by the thermal and moisture fields within the stored materials. These man-made ecological systems can be subjected to different kinds of actions and influences which can affect either the stored agromaterial and/or the silo structure. These thermal effects depend on numerous factors, like the type of stored material, the geometry of the silo (height and diameter), and also the climate and weather conditions during storage. An overview of the literature associated with the thermal effects on granular agromaterials stored in reinforced concrete silo bins is presented in this paper. This discussion focuses on the environmental influences of these effects. Results of experimental work conducted in model and full-scale grain elevators located in Poland are presented. Temperature distributions throughout the walls during both the summer and winter periods are presented. In addition, thermal strains measured during storage are discussed and compared with the results of numerical estimations of thermal effects. Structural reliability requirements of the silo were estimated to show the effect which thermal forces have on silo structures.
keywords silo, grain, thermal fields, RC structure, numerical analysis