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International Agrophysics
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im. B. Dobrzańskiego
w Lublinie
ISSN: 0236-8722

vol. 11, nr. 3 (1997)

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1. Cierniewski J., Verbrugghe M.:
Inferring soil surface roughness from soil bidirectional reflectance data
vol. 11, nr. 3 (1997), pp. 147-157

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2. Doležal F., Kuráz V., Poruba M., Soukup M.:
Guelph permeameter measurements of the topsoil and upper subsoil hydraulic conductivity for characterising the structural state of arable lands
vol. 11, nr. 3 (1997), pp. 159-171

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3. Hiller S., Dexter A.R.:
A comparison of oxygen diffusion rates in sand moistened with water or peg 20000 solution
vol. 11, nr. 3 (1997), pp. 173-176

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4. Richards B.C., Baumgartl T., Horn R., Gräsle W.:
Modelling the effects of repeated wheel loads on soil profiles
vol. 11, nr. 3 (1997), pp. 177-187

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5. Polubesova T.A., Pachepsky Y.A., Hajnos M., Józefaciuk G., Sokołowska Z.:
Comparison of three techniques to assess surface heterogeneity of solids in soils
vol. 11, nr. 3 (1997), pp. 189-199

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6. Stępniewska Z., Gliński J., Włodarczyk T., Brzezińska M., Blum W.E.H., Rampazzo N., Wimmer B.:
Soil aeration status of some austrian soils
vol. 11, nr. 3 (1997), pp. 199-206

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7. Kirkham M.B., Erickson P.I.:
Physical model for movement of water in split-root wheat plants
vol. 11, nr. 3 (1997), pp. 207-214

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8. Yuwana Y., Duprat F.:
Prediction of apple bruising based on the instantaneous impact shear stress and energy absorbed
vol. 11, nr. 3 (1997), pp. 215-222

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9. Zdunek A., Konstankiewicz K.:
Acoustic emission as a method for the detection of fractures in the plant tissue caused by the external forces
vol. 11, nr. 3 (1997), pp. 223-227

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10. Laskowski J., Le Deschault de Monredon F., Soumah A.T.:
Multidimensional analysis of the pelletability of feeds and feed mixtures
vol. 11, nr. 3 (1997), pp. 229-233

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