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International Agrophysics
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w Lublinie
ISSN: 0236-8722

vol. 17, nr. 3 (2003)

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Effects of modified atmosphere package on preservation of strawberries
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Zhang M.1, Xiao G.1, Peng J.1, Salokhe V.M. 2
1 School of Food Science and Technology, Southern Yangzte University, 214036 Wuxi, China
2 Agriculture, Aquatic Systems and Engineering Program, Asian Institute of Technology, Pathumthani 12120, Thailand

vol. 17 (2003), nr. 3, pp. 143-148
streszczenie Effects of Modified Atmosphere Package (MAP) on the preservation of strawberries was studied in this experiment. The results show that the optimum gas composition of MAP tests for strawberry was 2.5% O2+16% CO2. The composite membrane of LDPE & PVC was superior to single LDPE and PVC membranes. The storage tests show that MAP could inhibit the respiration and weight loss of strawberries. Furthermore, it also can retard soluble sugars, titrable acidity and anthocyanin decrease. In addition, the dynamic change of gas composition in package was studied.
słowa kluczowe modified atmosphere package, strawberry, preservation