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International Agrophysics
wydawca:Instytut Agrofizyki
im. B. Dobrzańskiego
w Lublinie
ISSN: 0236-8722

vol. 12, nr. 4 (1998)

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1. Radczuk L., Dubicki A., Olearczyk D.:
System for flood protection in odra river basin - its efficiency during the flood of 1997
vol. 12, nr. 4 (1998), pp. 235-240

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2. Eulenstein F., Müller L., Helming K.:
Odra 1997 flood effects on soil properties of cultivated areas in Germany
vol. 12, nr. 4 (1998), pp. 241-247

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3. Weber J., Drozd J., Licznar M.:
Characteristics of soils subjected to flood in july 1997 at the region of lubsza community - situation after 5 months
vol. 12, nr. 4 (1998), pp. 249-257

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4. Mioduszewski W.:
Reconstruction of retention capacity of small river basins as a protection measure against floods and droughts
vol. 12, nr. 4 (1998), pp. 259-269

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5. Michalczyk Z :
Conditions for the formation of outflow and its characteristics in river basins of the Lublin region
vol. 12, nr. 4 (1998), pp. 271-276

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6. Walczak R. T., Gliński J., Sławiński C., Lamorski K.:
Agrophysical methods of water retention control in the rural areas
vol. 12, nr. 4 (1998), pp. 277-284

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7. Dębicki R.:
Natural and anthropogenic causes and effects of floods and other disastrous events in Poland
vol. 12, nr. 4 (1998), pp. 285-293

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8. Warakomski W.:
Problems with the classification and prediction of extreme weather phenomena
vol. 12, nr. 4 (1998), pp. 295-298

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9. Paszczyk J.:
Monitoring the environment of agricultural basins by means of computer programmes
vol. 12, nr. 4 (1998), pp. 299-313

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10. Piszcz J.:
Hydrological conditions of geomorphologic changes in the gap of the vistula between Zawichost and Puławy
vol. 12, nr. 4 (1998), pp. 315-319

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11. Gardziel Z., Harasimiuk M., Rodzik J.:
Evaluation of the dynamics of ravine erosion in the Grodarz stream basin stimulated by agricultural exploitation and communication system
vol. 12, nr. 4 (1998), pp. 321-331

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12. Van Dyck E., Wille E.:
Procedure for determining soil contamination in practice: view of ovam
vol. 12, nr. 4 (1998), pp. 333-355

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13. Bambalov N., Sokolov G.:
New soil improving agents for accelerated cultivation of soils with low fertility or damaged
vol. 12, nr. 4 (1998), pp. 357-360

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14. Puszkar L., Puszkar T.:
Environmental impact of emissions from the nitrogen fertilizer plant in Puławy
vol. 12, nr. 4 (1998), pp. 361-371

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