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International Agrophysics
publisher:Institute of Agrophysics
Polish Academy of Sciences
Lublin, Poland
ISSN: 0236-8722

vol. 9, nr. 4 (1995)

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1. J. Haman, K. Konstankiewicz, A. Pukos:
Image analysis as the quantitative estimation of the structure of agricultural materials*
vol. 9, nr. 4 (1995), pp. 257-263

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2. K. Konstankiewicz, A. Pukos:
Scanning optical and electron microscopes with computer image acquisition*
vol. 9, nr. 4 (1995), pp. 265-273

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3. M. Petran, M. Hadravsky, A. Boyde:
The tandem scanning reflected light microscope
vol. 9, nr. 4 (1995), pp. 275-286

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4. K. Konstankiewicz, A. Król, A. Pukos:
Confocal microscopy for investigations of agricultural materials*
vol. 9, nr. 4 (1995), pp. 287-292

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5. J. Bodziony, K. Konstankiewicz , A. Pukos:
Stereology as an image analysis method of agricultural materials*
vol. 9, nr. 4 (1995), pp. 293-309

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6. A. Guc, H. Czachor, K. Konstankiewicz:
Effect of stress on stereological parameters of polished sections of soil samples*
vol. 9, nr. 4 (1995), pp. 311-318

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7. A. Pukos, M. Pezda, A. Guc:
Digital analysis and potato tissue image processing at the application of voronofs diagrams*
vol. 9, nr. 4 (1995), pp. 319-328

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8. H. Czachor, K. Konstankiewicz:
Simulating particle packing for soil porosity investigations*
vol. 9, nr. 4 (1995), pp. 329-336

9. E. Kozak, M. Pezda:
Application of image analysis for evaluation of mercury intrusion porosimetry results*
vol. 9, nr. 4 (1995), pp. 337-341

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10. J. Niewczas, W. Woźniak, A. Guc:
Attempt to application of image processing to evaluation of changes in internal structure of wheat grain*
vol. 9, nr. 4 (1995), pp. 343-347

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