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International Agrophysics
publisher:Institute of Agrophysics
Polish Academy of Sciences
Lublin, Poland
ISSN: 0236-8722

vol. 15, nr. 1 (2001)

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1. Brzezińska M., Stępniewska Z., Stępniewski W., Włodarczyk T., Przywara G., Bennicelli R.:
Effect of oxygen deficiency on soil dehydrogenase activity (pot experiment with barley)
vol. 15, nr. 1 (2001), pp. 3-7

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2. Czyż E.A., Tomaszewska J., Dexter A.R.:
Response of spring barley to changes of compaction and aeration of sandy soil under model conditions
vol. 15, nr. 1 (2001), pp. 9-12

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3. Dobrzański B., Rybczyński R., Dobrzańska A., Wójcik W.:
Some physical and nutritional quality parameters of storage apple
vol. 15, nr. 1 (2001), pp. 13-18

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4. Haase D., Neumeister H.:
Anthropogenic impact on fluvisols in German Floodplains. Ecological processes in soils and methods of investigation
vol. 15, nr. 1 (2001), pp. 19-26

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5. Konstankiewicz K., Zdunek A.:
Influence of turgor and cell size on the cracking of potato tissue
vol. 15, nr. 1 (2001), pp. 27-30

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6. Miś A., Grundas S.:
Influence of wheat N-fertilization and grain moistening on the physical properties of wet gluten
vol. 15, nr. 1 (2001), pp. 31-35

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7. Olejnik J., Eulenstein F., Kędziora A., Werner A.:
Comparison of daily evapotranspiration rates obtained from water balance model and modified Bowen`s ratio method
vol. 15, nr. 1 (2001), pp. 37-49

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8. Raychev T., Popandova S., Józefaciuk G., Hajnos M., Sokołowska Z.:
Physicochemical reclamation of saline soils using coal powder
vol. 15, nr. 1 (2001), pp. 51-54

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9. Rejman J., Helming K., Dębicki R.:
Effect of surface conditions on runoff and soil loss for chernozem soil
vol. 15, nr. 1 (2001), pp. 55-58

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10. Woźniak W.:
Mechanical properties of wheat grain in relation to internal cracks
vol. 15, nr. 1 (2001), pp. 59-64

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