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International Agrophysics
publisher:Institute of Agrophysics
Polish Academy of Sciences
Lublin, Poland
ISSN: 0236-8722

vol. 22, nr. 4 (2008)

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1. N.A. Aviara, M. A. Haque, L.A.O. Ogunjimi:
Thermal properties of guna seed
vol. 22, nr. 4 (2008), pp. 291-297

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2. H. Fathollahzadeh, A. Rajabipour:
Some mechanical properties of barberry
vol. 22, nr. 4 (2008), pp. 299-302

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3. T. Głąb, T. Zaleski, E. Erhart, W. Hartl:
Effect of biowaste compost and nitrogen fertilization on macroporosity and biopores of Molli-gleyic Fluvisol soil
vol. 22, nr. 4 (2008), pp. 303-311

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4. M. Heidari Soltanabadi, M. Miranzadeh, M. Karimi, M.Ghasemi Varnamkhasti, A. Hemmat:
Effect of subsoiling on soil physical properties and sunflower yield under conditions of conventional tillage
vol. 22, nr. 4 (2008), pp. 313-317

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5. C.A. Igwe, O.N. Udegbunam:
Soil properties influencing water-dispersible clay and silt in an Ultisol in southern Nigeria
vol. 22, nr. 4 (2008), pp. 319-325

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6. M. Kachel-Jakubowska, M. Szpryngiel:
Influence on drying condition on quality properties of rapeseed
vol. 22, nr. 4 (2008), pp. 327-331

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7. M. Kalicka, B. Witkowska-Walczak, C. Sławiński, R. Dębicki:
Impact of land use on water properties of rendzinas
vol. 22, nr. 4 (2008), pp. 333-338

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8. M. Kasprzak, Z. Rzedzicki:
Application of everlasting pea wholemeal in extrusion-cooking technology
vol. 22, nr. 4 (2008), pp. 339-347

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9. O.K. Owolarafe, E.A. Taiwo, O.O. Oke:
Effect of processing conditions on yield and quality of hydraulically expressed palm oil
vol. 22, nr. 4 (2008), pp. 349-352

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10. S.M.A. Razavi, R. Farahmandfar:
Effect of hulling and milling on the physical properties of rice grains
vol. 22, nr. 4 (2008), pp. 353-359

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11. M. Szmigielski, B. Maniak, W. Piekarski:
Evaluation of chosen quality parameters of used frying rape oil as fuel biocomponent
vol. 22, nr. 4 (2008), pp. 361-364

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12. H.A. Torbert, E. Krueger, D. Kurtener:
Soil quality assessment using fuzzy modeling
vol. 22, nr. 4 (2008), pp. 365-370

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13. T. Włodarczyk, W. Stępniewski, M. Brzezińska, G. Przywara:
Impact of different aeration conditions on the content of extractable nutrients in soil
vol. 22, nr. 4 (2008), pp. 371-375

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14. A.S. Zaliwski, L. Purchała:
Estimation of nitrous oxide and methane emission from Polish agriculture
vol. 22, nr. 4 (2008), pp. 377-382

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