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International Agrophysics
publisher:Institute of Agrophysics
Polish Academy of Sciences
Lublin, Poland
ISSN: 0236-8722

vol. 13, nr. 2 (1999)

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Fatigue strength of wheat grains. Part 2. The fatigue strength index for wheat grain
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Frączek J., Ślipek Z.
Department of Machine Design, University of Agriculture, Balicka 104, 30-149 Cracow, Poland

vol. 13 (1999), nr. 2, pp. 211-214
abstract In the presented research, fatigue tests were conducted in which a load was applied in the from of a mechanic impact. In the authors opinion, it is the best method to simulate natural conditions, where grains are subjected to multiple stress during the entire technological cycle. Significant emphasis in relation to the quality of sowing material requires the application of precise me-thods for the assessment of changes in biological quality (usually estimated through the strength and energy of germination) in the course of technological processes. However, such analysis requires a number of germination tests. The presented research results are a continuation of the scholarly search aimed at defining an objective, rapid method for assessing the fatigue resistance of wheat grain. The fatigue measurements conformed to the methods proposed in part one. The statistical analysis was made to define the correlation between resistance indicators and corresponding values of germination capacity and energy. The above revealed that the index, calculated following the 5th impact, best describes grain behavior - from the viewpoint of fatigue resistance.
keywords multiple loads, grain deformation