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International Agrophysics
publisher:Institute of Agrophysics
Polish Academy of Sciences
Lublin, Poland
ISSN: 0236-8722

vol. 12, nr. 4 (1998)

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System for flood protection in odra river basin - its efficiency during the flood of 1997
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Radczuk L.1, Dubicki A.2, Olearczyk D.1
1 Institute of Environmental Engineering, Agricultural University of Wroc³aw, PI. Grunwaldzki 24 50-363 Wroc³aw, Poland
2 Wroc³aw Branch of Institute of Meteorology and Water Management, Wroc³aw, Poland

vol. 12 (1998), nr. 4, pp. 235-240
abstract The efficiency of the system for flood protection in Odra river basin during the flood of 1997 is shown.
keywords flood protection, Odra river basin